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» » » » » PSY - GENTLEMAN and Gangnam Style At Singapore Live

Singer - PSY
PSY - GENTLEMAN song - lyrics

You know why it should be hot
You know why it should be neat
You know if you dunno, you are a dork

We Like We We We Like Party ~
You know we like we we we like party

Like I mean

Let me say this guy is I mean
The gut, go, geek, and gorgeous I mean
I want to say what you want to hear I mean
Damn! Girl! You so freakin sexy!

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Singer - PSY

Song - Gangnam Style

PSY- Gangnam Style - Lyrics

Oppa Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

Najeneun ttasaroun inganjeogin yeoja
Keopi hanjanui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok inneun yeoja
Bami omyeon simjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja
Geureon banjeon inneun yeoja

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PSY - GENTLEMAN and Gangnam Style At Singapore Live

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