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» » » » » The Death Set - They come to get Us Lyrics and Music Video

Artist: Michel Poiccard
Album: The Death Set
Genre: Rock

They come to get Us Lyrics

Ahhhh teeth snarl whats under the bed*
Sore head again, can't pay rent
Monster in the dark or no girlfriend
Immigration and other scary trends
Whistle in the wind, whats outside?

Twilight vampire or piled up crack vials
Which is scarier for your child?
Ningtmares? Now look outside!

They Come to Get Us
We're like No No No No No No No No!

Alien or on your passport
Australia to Panama UFO spawn
Brooklyn to Bmore broken gear storm
Machine gun sheriff now off to jail son
Martian driver 10 drinks in
Screaming cause he is the T.M.
What have we got ourselves in?
Dream stops, nightmare begins

They Come to Get Us
We're like No No No No No No No No!

They come to get Us Music Video

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